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Create your own kit

                  Create your custom Pontoon kit

You can save our sketch to your computer and create a rough draft of your custom made Pontoon Boat .

1) The most important thing that you have to determine is how much people and gear is going to go on your Pontoon boat. So you can judge what size that you require.

2) You should average every person about 200 lbs. And add all your gear that you intend to have also.
   A 24" tube holds 180 lbs per foot X the length Thus a 24" diameter 20' boat will hold 3558 lbs with the  Pontoons half immersed.
The weight chart is in the Pontoon size and pricing page.

3) Draw in the length and diameter of your tubes.What size motor  you are planning to use. Heavy duty transoms are available for bigger motors or you may want a center pod. We always suggest ,in most cases the larger diameter available in your tube length. It is worth the extra money to have a higher weight capacity.

4) Plan out how you want your deck to lay out . For example , Do you want a rear swim deck or a fishing front ? How about a swim ladder ?

5) Draw in your railing configuration including where you want your doors . Your Railing kit comes with 3 , but you may add an extra one if you like.

6) Send it to us ,and we can help you fine tune it, and get you a price on your kit . It is that simple. And again we will help you with any questions you may have along the way.


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